Social Business

Social business is about how your business listens, talks, and harnesses the collective wisdom of your employees, your customers, and your prospects. Because businesses that are best able to understand and deliver on what your audience wants will always own the competitive edge.

That’s just smart business.

Social business involves putting in place the right people, processes, and technology to enable you to “embed social” into your operations.

Social business isn’t a revolutionary idea. What is revolutionary is the technology—the Facebook-Twitter-YouTube-NextNewThing platforms that have shifted where conversations happen, accelerated the rate at which information spreads, and given every customer a megaphone. For the good. The bad. And (sometimes) the ugly too.

Becoming a social business is about making your business more nimble and more effective by moving beyond just using social media to leveraging the social conversations to help employees across your organization better share information and make more-informed decisions. It’s a process of moving beyond thinking about how you can reach your community to thinking about how your community matters to your business.

Transform Your Business

We provide strategic counsel to help you identify the people, the processes, and the technology that will allow you to “embed social” into your operations. The goal is to leverage the social conversations about you and your brand to respond faster and smarter to customer needs and concerns and to identify new markets and new opportunities.

Social business is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. That’s because, while every company can be a social business, the way that happens—and the initiatives you roll out—are all about your strategic goals.

Learn more about how you can begin to transform your business. And find out why culture, not size, is key to your social business evolution.

Also check out our free Social Business Readiness Checklist, which identifies 10 steps you need to take to prepare to be a more social business.

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