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Deconstructing Business Trust

What does business trust mean? Do you trust Verizon or AT&T? How about your favorite coffee shop — or the family owned restaurant down the street? It’s a simple question. But the answer — “yes” or “no” — isn’t. The Better Business Bureau is interested in better...

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The Problem with Instagram Pods

Let's talk about pods. Not peas nor people snatchers. But Instagram pods. Pods are formed when people create a small group to like and comment on each other's photos. The idea is that by generating more post activity Instagram will rank your posts higher -- thus...

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Companies Need to Get Better at Subtraction

Buffer recently sunset its optimal scheduling tool. I loved the tool. It was a handy way to identify the best times to schedule posts on different social platforms. Want to schedule 5 Twitter posts a day? Here’s the best time for you. Need to schedule 1 Instagram...

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4 Ways to Identify & Attract Potential Customers

A new subscriber emailed me recently to say that his biggest challenge is identifying and contacting potential customers. He’s not alone. Most businesses struggle to identify and attract new customers (or clients, members, patients, etc.). Unless you have a...

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Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Changes You Need to Know

The "Big 3" social media platforms are making moves. Because I watch so you don't have to, here is an update on recent Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn changes you need to know. Facebook made me cranky. Maybe you haven't noticed it yet, but Facebook just made the...

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2017 Social Media Trends: Less Bling and More Basics

Let's talk about 2017 social media trends. But first, some context. Buffer's social media team tweeted out a terrific visual on product adoption. It took 50 years before the telephone had 50 million users, and 22 years before televisions boasted such reach. Facebook?...

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Why I Killed Blog Comments

The deed is done. I have turned off the blog comments feature. I’m boldly going (to blatantly misparaphrase a line) where many others have gone before. Before I tell you why I made this decision, let’s talk about a few reasons not to kill the comments on your blog....

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The Evolution of Search

How do you search for information? I've been thinking a lot lately about search. I've been reading about search engines and filter bubbles (hint: Bing is better at filtering out alternative facts), I've played less with Google, and tested incognito mode a few times....

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Is Game of Thrones Right for Your Brand?

Game of Thrones Day is becoming a thing. But should it? I loved the books. The music from the HBO show is phenomenal. But is Game of Thrones right for your brand? I'm a big proponent of brand consistency. Your look, feel, messaging, and all the touchpoints where your...

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Trust Me, You Don’t Wanna Cry

I'm guessing you've heard about WannaCry. In case you have not, WannaCry is a ransomware that's hit companies all across the world. A hacker takes advantage of a security loophole to encrypt all the data on your hard drive. Want it back? Pay a ransom for the decoder....

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2018 Tech Trends to Watch Now

These 2018 tech trends are already changing lives. Wired has released a list of the "tech visionaries"  who are "bringing the future to your doorstep." These smart people include Kait Schoeck, who's reimagining the desktop for Microsoft, and Leslie Miley,...

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PR and Marketing Are Finally Converging

The lines between PR and marketing are blurring. That's one key takeaway from a recent report on the state of the communications profession.* The report, from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, surveyed...

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