The census has always been cool. I was eight years old for my first census, and my dad was sitting at the side table in the living room carefully filling out a bunch of papers. I asked what was so important, and received an early lesson in civic responsibility.

Of course, I’ve filled out census forms for myself since them. And I must admit I was rather disappointed in the short form. It seemed so anticlimactic compared to my childhood memories.

So imagine my excitement when the U.S. Census Bureau sent me its 2007 Survey of Business Owners. It asks for basic information about ownership structure, retirement plans and other business benefits (if any), and how the business was financed as both a start-up and for expansion and/or capital improvements.

There was only one question that I think could be misleading: Was the business owner born in the U.S.? I think the question is designed to determine how many busineses are started by native-born citizens and how many by people who may have immigrated here. But where does that put me, a citizen with a U.S. birth certificate who happened to be born overseas?

Oh, well, enough economics and geekdom for one day. My business turns 20 this year, and suddenly I feel all grown up.

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